The Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition @ Platea

Leonardo Da Vinci is most renowned for his exceptional talent as the painter of the Mona Lisa. Not everyone knows him as the genius who invented flying machines and war tools! Indeed, Da Vinci’s notes and diaries, called Codices, feature countless numbers of plans and drawings bringing to life his ingenuous inventions. Unfortunately, the original prototypes were all lost with time.

The idea for a traveling exhibition of Leonardo’s machines was first conceived in Melbourne, Australia, then developed in collaboration with the museum dedicated to him in Florence, Italy. Italian craftsmen rebuilt more than 60 machines, based on Da Vinci’s drawings, and using the same material available at the time. They cover a wide range of scientific fields: mechanics, hydraulics, aviation, etc.

On November 7, the prestigious exhibition has reached us here in Lebanon, and got settled in Platea, Sahel Alma. I went today, and I was absolutely amazed by Leonardo’s machines of which I knew nothing at all (most of the prototypes are interactive by the way!). Their complexity and efficiency show how much of a visionary he was! Some mechanisms he perfected are still used to this day! Also, I got to feast my eyes on high-definition reproductions of some of his most famous paintings, such as the afore-mentioned Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. And a very interesting documentary about Da Vinci’s life and work was being shown – you can buy the DVD from the souvenir shop on your way out.

All in all, it was a very culturally and intellectually rich exhibition! I encourage you to take your friends, parents, little cousins and children (before December 7): everyone will find something to their liking! And don’t forget to pose as the Mona Lisa or the Vitruvian Man! 😀


Ticket Prices: (available at Platea entrance door)
- Children (under 6 y.o.): Free Entrance 
- Students (with School ID): 15 000 LBP 
- Adults: 20 000 LBP 
- Groups (25 persons and more): 10 000 LBP / person 
- Family Pack (2 adults, 2 children): 60 000 LBP
For more information, contact: 03-906 903.

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