The Deception of My Life

People often talk about their deceptions in life: their parents, their partner, their children, their friends, their careers… or lack thereof. Life is indeed sweet and sour, but we should always seek to make lemonade!

My biggest deception in life is not in any way the people around me – thankfully -, nor my career (lilliputian in size).

It’s my earphones.


God bless earphones. One of the best inventions of the modern world. They have enabled us to listen to music anywhere, anytime, quite discreetly and very efficiently. In fact, I still remember the time when I used to boast about listening to music in class while the teacher went on and on about tectonic plates and evolution. It made me feel so powerful and superior! The thrill of danger, the adrenaline rush, Trent Reznor’s dreamy voice, I was set for life. At least until the bell rang.

Earphones have many other uses too. Someone’s bothering you with the story of his/her life? Easy, put on your earphones, pretend you are “in the zone”. Problem solved! More ethical people also use earphones to listen to podcasts, audio lessons, news broadcasts, that new TED video…

Therefore, it is needless to say that earphones have become a necessity in order to survive a lifetime in this era of ours. They are an emblem of the 21st century, as they marry the two things that have developed the most: music and technology. But you can’t talk about a 21st-century electronic accessory without mentioning the rise of some manufacturing empire called China.

Made in China is to the 2000’s what Levi’s was to the 1960’s.

Nowadays, almost everything is made in China, and this statement applies very well to earphones: from that cheap brand in the back of the store, to the 400$ pair featured in every music video, 99% of earphones are made in China. Which means they are practically equal in matters of hardware: they are all of low-quality.

And as a music/TV series/movies aficionada, I confess I have tried them all (not the 400$ pair though! I’m not that crazy!):

  • the 100$ SONY earbuds
  • the huge JVC headphones
  • the Genius sports earphones
  • the Apple earphones
  • the Samsung earphones
  • the Nokia earphones
  • the LG earphones
  • the Skull Candy earbuds
  • that cheap brand in the back of the store

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

And ALL of them, sooner rather than later, and without fail, have fallen for the same illness:


And every single time, I start cursing, call myself stupid and vow to never, ever purchase earphones for more than 10$, ever again…

Then, a while later, I go to the store, fall for those special, awesome and shiny new earphones (for much more than 10$), and… cue the never-ending cycle!

People reading this today, do learn from my mistake(s): 10$ or 100$, earphones are earphones, you get to enjoy them for a very limited time anyway. Don’t let them fool you into thinking they will stay with you forever! China just doesn’t work this way!


2 thoughts on “The Deception of My Life

  1. larasays

    Hahahahahahahahahaha this truly made me laugh. Thanks for the heads up, keep’em coming! Haha

    1. Jeaninesays

      I’m so glad!! 😀 Thanks for the feedback!


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