Paris, One Year Later

One year ago today, I moved to Paris.

There was a dream I wanted to fulfill, so I finally gave in to the thrill of adventure and I decided to leave the nest. This was no mere whim, but a decision made after years of planning and trying to understand what was my calling in life.

On the 6th of September, I boarded the plane, knowing that this would be good for me.

Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris

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A Home Away From Home

You lose a piece of yourself when you choose another city, let alone another country, to call home. You lose touch, you miss most of it, you forget.

The Louvre
The Louvre

First, you’re in denial, then you’re depressed… It’s a bit like grief, whether you admit it or not. You grieve your old life, the distance, the feeling of security, and the warmth of your loved ones.

Finally, you muster all the courage you can find, and you take a deep plunge into the unknown. Reality hits you hard, and a few months later, you romantically call it “adventure”.

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Mouvement de l’ESIB Solidaire, or the Dream of Unity

We had a dream. In September, four of us had a dream. We dreamed that ESIB’s engineering students can put political and religious differences aside and work hand in hand for the benefit of the faculty. We dreamed that March 8 supporters, March 14 supporters, independents and neutrals can all remember the fact that university elections are nothing but academic and should always be that way. We had a dream that many had before us, but felt they were unable to realize. The past September, we wanted to see whether we would be able to make that change in an area that has seen anything but change.

We decided to share our dream with people who would be interested. With every new mind that joined us, our dream got bigger, better, more mature and more ambitious. We could see its potential, we could feel its thrill, and so, we decided to act upon it.

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The Deception of My Life

People often talk about their deceptions in life: their parents, their partner, their children, their friends, their careers… or lack thereof. Life is indeed sweet and sour, but we should always seek to make lemonade!

My biggest deception in life is not in any way the people around me – thankfully -, nor my career (lilliputian in size).

It’s my earphones. Continue reading “The Deception of My Life”

An Unusual Source Of Inspiration

Ever thought about the criteria you base yourself on when you label a person as your inspiration? In other words, what is the thing that makes you admire a person?

Usually, I would reply the level of education, achievements, inventions, talent, skills in a particular field, etc.

Usually, if you ask me to name people who inspire me, I would reply: Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Jared Leto, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Mother Teresa, Michael Jackson, Edgar Allan Poe, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, J. K. Rowling, Mahatma Gandhi, Beethoven, Stieg Larrson, Richard Feynman, Pope John Paul II, Jane Austen, and the list goes on and on…

These people are relatively well-known; indeed, they have their own Wikipedia pages, they have fans, they are famous, even if posthumously…

But then, you meet people, nobodies, poor people, old people, and you’re stricken. You know nothing about them, yet you admire them. What is their secret?

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