Mouvement de l’ESIB Solidaire, or the Dream of Unity

We had a dream. In September, four of us had a dream. We dreamed that ESIB’s engineering students can put political and religious differences aside and work hand in hand for the benefit of the faculty. We dreamed that March 8 supporters, March 14 supporters, independents and neutrals can all remember the fact that university elections are nothing but academic and should always be that way. We had a dream that many had before us, but felt they were unable to realize. The past September, we wanted to see whether we would be able to make that change in an area that has seen anything but change.

We decided to share our dream with people who would be interested. With every new mind that joined us, our dream got bigger, better, more mature and more ambitious. We could see its potential, we could feel its thrill, and so, we decided to act upon it.

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What I Learned From My Visit to CERN

On July 25, 2015, I had all the stars lined up in my favor as they say. At least, that’s what it felt like!

On that day, I was fortunate enough to visit the biggest research facility in Europe, also known as the almighty CERN, or the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Located on the Swiss-French border on the outskirts of Geneva, CERN operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.

Needless to say that I, the biggest non-initiated particle physics fan in my corner of the world, have been dreaming of this visit for six years. To be precise, ever since I first heard about the Higgs boson, a couple of years prior to its discovery. But we shall talk about that in due time. 
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