Discovering Lebanon’s Contemporary Composers – The Music Edition #02

Last Friday, I attended the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra’s classical concert in St Joseph’s Church, Monot, as per usual. I had the utmost pleasure of listening to a live rendition of a classical piece called “Le Vin des Nuages”, composed by Bechara El Khoury, a Lebanese composer – not to be confused with the Lebanese president of the same name!

And it was, truly, a ravishing, stunning piece.

I don’t know why, in this country, we do not hear about our extremely talented musicians and classical composers. I had never heard of Lebanese classical composers before the LPO’s weekly Friday concert! Maybe it is because our people often associate classical music with the death of some politician, i.e. three days of non-stop depressing Bach and Mozart on the local TVs and radios! And they always choose the most depressing ones, don’t they?

Here is a selection of some of the most eminent contemporary Lebanese composers, all of which are highly regarded around the world. You will notice that it is not your fair share of classical and instrumental music. You will feel the innovation, the genius, the sadness, the wonder, the war, the noise, the theatrics and the madness that every single Lebanese possesses in the blood, as part of the heritage our dear country has bestowed upon us. And you will be surprised, this I promise you. Continue reading “Discovering Lebanon’s Contemporary Composers – The Music Edition #02”

The Deception of My Life

People often talk about their deceptions in life: their parents, their partner, their children, their friends, their careers… or lack thereof. Life is indeed sweet and sour, but we should always seek to make lemonade!

My biggest deception in life is not in any way the people around me – thankfully -, nor my career (lilliputian in size).

It’s my earphones. Continue reading “The Deception of My Life”

What You’re Missing Out On Every Friday Night!

Oh yes, you are missing out big time!

Almost every Friday, at 8:30 PM, a one-of-a-kind concert takes place in St Joseph Church in Monot. The prestigious Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, lead by the most prominent conductors of the world, offers each week a program comprising 3 to 4 classical pieces: from the masters, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Tchaikovsky, to contemporary Lebanese musicians and composers such as Zad Moultaka, Charbel Rouhana and Omar Rahbani.

I reckon not everybody is familiar with the world of classical music, but let me assure you, you will never regret attending a concert of such scale. Allow me tell you about the concert I just got back from. Continue reading “What You’re Missing Out On Every Friday Night!”

The Music Edition #01

It has been quite a while since I last updated my blog. I believe I have gotten well-acquainted with an abomination called writer’s block!

Anyway, I’m back, and I’m bringing with me a small taste of the music I listen to. I like to steer clear of the Top 40 as much as I can. Rock, classical, trip-hop, experimental music and their sub-genres are usually my favorites. Enough small talk for now; let’s get down to business!

8. The Cinematic Orchestra – “To Build a Home” (2007)

The newest add to my music library, The Cinematic Orchestra is a British jazz and electronic band. Their style is reminiscent of Sigur Rós (see #3), though less peculiar and with English lyrics. “To Build a Home” was featured in the contemporary duet in the movie ‘Step Up Revolution’ (this is how I discovered the band). It is one of the singles from their impressive 2007 album called “Ma Fleur“.

Continue reading “The Music Edition #01”